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Ficianne Ulysse - Julien Papouloute

Marie Emania Lapointe - Jacques Fedius Lapointe

Yasmine - Kens


Gerdy Moreau - Joshua Koon
Yvrose Ulysse - Orga Price Sr
Flower Girls
Fritzney Jean Baptiste - Christine Leroy
Ring Bearers
Christelle Louis - Caleb Ulysse
Bible Bearer
Marcus Romeus
Sherlyne & Jerry Ulysse
Junior Brides
Samantha Koon - Michael Lapointe
Djamentha Calonge - Jean Manuel Papouloute
Bridesmaids & Groomsmen
Medghyne Calonge - Wooldy Lapointe
Margaret Normil - David Pierre
Emmanuela Romeus - Thierry Pelissier
Esteve Nelson - Wids Romeus
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